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“We are a young, vibrant, active and ambitious couple with a great love for coffee, wild life, the outdoors, fun adventures together, last minute trips, fine dining, Apple products and photography of course. If you like these things too, there is a good chance we'd be a great fit to photograph your wedding.”


eet the two self-taught Stellenbosch-based photographers behind Swift Photography - Shaun and Stephanie de Jager – husband and wife and happily married since December 2014. “We are a young, vibrant, active and ambitious couple with a great love for coffee, wildlife, the outdoors, fun adventures together, last minute trips, Apple products, fine dining and photography of course. If you like these things too, there is a good chance we'd be a great fit to photograph your wedding”

Shaun and Stephanie have an immense passion for photography and documenting love (whether between a husband and wife, a couple or a family). They have a photo-journalistic style with a fine-art approach, documenting the special moments in an artistic manner. In layman’s terms their style is mostly documentary capturing the special unposed, natural moments artistically. However, a few shots are posed for effect and artistic value.

Shaun is an Olympian athlete - he would never tell you this, but Stephanie usually makes sure people know. He has a BSc in Sport Science degree and is currently studying BSc Computer Science at the University of Stellenbosch. He is a quiet observer of life and has a strong attention to detail. His athletics success is proof of his determination, drive, self-confidence, great time management and hard work. If he sets his mind on something, he is determined to make a success of it. “My athletics career has taught me that hard work and determination pays off, but sometimes you will have disappointments and you just have to learn to deal with it. I am driven and work hard to reach my goals despite any disappointments along the way. Furthermore, I don’t speak much. I mostly observe and only speak when I really have something to say. For my wife, I can’t say the same.”

Stephanie has a BAccounting Honours degree from the University of Stellenbosch. She started her articles, but didn’t finish as the photography business grew so rapidly and needed her full attention. “I hate not finishing what I’ve started, but my heart and passion lies with the photography and it needs all my time, love and undivided

attention.” She is friendly, talkative creative that has a great passion for people and all things pretty. “My love for photography goes back to primary school. Both my parents have a love for photography and so I always took their cameras and experimented with it. For Christmas in my Grade 8 year I got my first digital camera and it always accompanied me. My long term goal was to be a wedding and lifestyle photographer after finishing my studies, articles and a few years work saving up for the equipment. I am a creative and did not fit in the ‘box world’ of an accountant. My need to do photography grew bigger and bigger to a point where my short and long term goals dramatically changed. Needless to say, a few years earlier than expected, we have the best equipment and wonderful clients and I cannot be more happy. I am however grateful for my studies and the wonderful business background I have acquired”  

Now you are probably wondering Why Swift Photography? Well as mentioned earlier, Shaun and Stephanie have a great love for wildlife. Since early in his childhood Shaun has been birdwatching - a hobby passed on by his father. Naturally, soon after they met, Stephanie also started. Visiting the bird sanctuaries and botanical gardens, they realized they would love to photograph the species they encounter. Stephanie’s father has a collection of old cameras and manual lenses and they started experimenting with them. Shaun, being very technical, quickly learned all his photography skills through YouTube tutorials and drawing on the knowledge of other photographers. Since then, Shaun has taught Stephanie all these skills. Stephanie has always had a good eye for a photo, but the technical side of photography was quite daunting for her. “I cannot believe that I was so intimidated by the technical side of photography. There is so much to learn and you should always want to learn more and experiment.”  

Their long-term goal is to have a successful Web- and App development company and Photography Business. They will market their services internationally and travel the world doing business. They are both hard-working and determined to make their dream come true. “We are beyond thankful to have the same mission and vision for the future and to be able to work together.”



haun and Stephanie’s love story began in high school, oh yes, they are high school sweethearts.  They met on the athletics track, but it wasn't love at first sight.  A great friendship started as they struggled together in training sessions and it was not long before their love for each other began to bloom. “We could literally chat for hours at a time, and we still do, without realizing how the time is passing by – we are soulmates.”  It was early in their relationship when they realized that what they have is really something special and that they were meant to be together forever.  Unfortunately they were still very young and still had their studies ahead of them. After four and a half wonderful years together (learning so much of each other, love, life, relationships and God), Shaun proposed at the first waterfall in the beautiful Jonkershoek Nature reserve and it was magic.  They finally tied the knot in December 2014 at Towerbosch Earth Kitchen on the scenic Knorhoek Wine estate in Stellenbosch and their special day was captured by the extremely talented Wil Punt from Peartree Photography.  Their love story continues...well, they do tell you to marry your best friend.

“We strongly believe that marriage is a great gift that should be treasured every day we are alive.  Not only do we realize the utmost importance of quality wedding photos, being married ourselves, we also understand the stress and excitement of our clients on their wedding day. We will therefore always strive to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as we can and also to give you the best memories of your big day to cherish for years to come.  Thinking about our wedding photos - it is truely wonderful that we can relive the joy when looking at it and to be able to share it with family and friends who was not able to attend our wedding.”    

They are inspired by the uniqueness, diversity and stories of each and every couple or family they capture and love building relationships with their clients, ensuring they capture their stories in the best possible way that portray their uniqueness.

They pride themselves in their friendly and quality service and the high quality photos they deliver. Their style is natural, making use of natural light as far as possible, without compromising on the quality of photos they give their clients. 

“Our work could be described as timeless, classic, simplistic and romantic.”

Our mission when it comes to weddings

We strive to tell a natural and elegant story of your big day and are committed to capturing the special in-between moments.  We are passionate about the love and emotion between you, the bridal couple, and commit ourselves to capturing it best we can - we want to create an authentic and unique representation of who you are as couple. We are dedicated to making you feel relaxed and beautiful and believe in photos that are natural, fun and not, laugh, be yourself and enjoy every moment.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." - Judy Garland -